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Women's Walking Shoes Sock Sneakers Mesh Slip On Air Cushion Design Lightweight Breathable Casual Shoes

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Women’s Mesh Slip-On Air Cushion Shoes

 ARCH-SUPPORT: By supporting the body up the kinetic chain. these Arch Supports Shoes can relieve foot. knee. hip. and back pain.

• MD RUBBER OUTSOLE: Our women’s running shoes are made of phylon soles and high elastic rubber. which have anti-twist. abrasion-resistant. and anti-skid performance. 

• AIR-CUSHIONED DESIGN: These athletic women’s sneakers have an air cushion that provides comfort and support. relieving the pressure of walking and running. These shoes have high flexibility and are lightweight. which allows you to bounce freely while doing sports.

• MESH FABRIC DESIGN: These shoes are designed with a knitted upper mesh and a slightly-stretchy vamp that prevents your feet from overheating. making them more comfortable and breathable.

• MULTIPLE USE: These women’s shoes are suitable for daily activities. such as; long-standing hours at work. walking. casual wear. plantar fasciitis. nursing. shopping. travel. driving. dancing. and fitness workout.

• OUR GUARANTEE: Buy with confidence as this product comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. For more information. please see our Shipping and Returns Policy.

The Health Benefits of Comfortable Shoes

They prevent foot pain

One of the leading causes of foot pain and discomfort is shoes with reduced toe box volumes. These types of footwear constrict the toes and prevent them from moving freely. Size mismatch can also cause pain. It’s important to know that shoe size can vary between different makes and models. A wrong sizing can also occur if there has been some time since your feet were last measured. You might also be using shoes that are inappropriate for your daily activities. And unfortunately. some people cannot find the right shoes in their size. Finding a comfortable pair in the right size and with a roomy toe box can help prevent foot pain. making it easier to walk and go about your day. You probably have the wrong pair if the shoes are uncomfortable after the break-in period. You might want to consider another shoe with a different shape. especially if you have larger feet and may need wide shoe riverside to help you feel better.

They improve circulation

Good quality. comfortable shoes can improve blood movement in your feet. legs. and the rest of your body. preventing the appearance of varicose veins. swollen legs. and other similar problems. When shoes are uncomfortable and worn for an extended period. they can end up causing more damage to our feet. This can result in swelling. causing inadequate circulation in the feet and legs. A study published on NCBI found that shoes affect blood flow parameters and the veinous pressure on lower limbs. More comfortable footwear designs such as sandals. athletic shoes. or soft shoes showed more improvement in venous variables than uncomfortable designs like rigid shoes or high heels.

They improve posture

Comfortable shoes will naturally improve your posture because your entire body is primed to be correctly aligned. from your head to your toes. If you’ve ever worn uncomfortable shoes. you may recall how you were forced to walk differently to accommodate your footwear or reduce the pain. The wrong shoes will move the position of your feet. ankles. knees. hips. and even your back into an unnatural position. causing strain on your body. You must maintain the proper body mechanics to reduce body pains and chances of injuries. Comfortable and appropriate shoes should help support your joints or muscles adversely and allow you to walk upright with little to no effort.

They allow you to be more active

An active lifestyle is essential for anyone looking to stay healthy. To participate in sports and exercises. one has to have the right gear and incredibly comfortable and sturdy shoes.

But you don’t have to be in training or on the court to wear performance shoes since they’re just as beneficial for daily wear. If you’re always on the move. get shoes made with quality. breathable materials and a comfortable sole to offer comfort and support.

What is an air cushion?

Air technology consists of pressurized air inside a rigid yet flexible bag. providing more flexibility and spring without compromising structure. The Air-cushion units maintain their given form with elasticity. reduce impact and keep the shoe snug and lightweight.



Insole Material: Comfortable & Breathable Air Mesh fabric

Upper: Textiles Mesh design. breathable and flexible

Toe: Wide round toe Makes it more comfortable. Suitable for standing for a long time

Footbed: Mesh+EVA footbed. air circulation vents provide arch support

Heel: Heel height is about 2 inches

Sole: These shoes use air cushion technology to make the shoes lighter and elastic. relieve impact. and protect the feet from injury. Slip-resistant

Water Resistance: No

Slip-On Shoes: Yes

Air Cushion Technology: Yes

What’s in the box?

1x Pair Women’s Mesh Slip-On Air Cushion Shoes


Don’t wash by machine.

Women's Walking Shoes Sock Sneakers Mesh Slip On Air Cushion Design Lightweight Breathable Casual Shoes
Original price was: $68.99.Current price is: $47.99.