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Premium Waterproof/Snowproof Heated Gloves

Keep Your hands cozy and warm for hours while you are outside!

"I love these heated gloves! I use them while working outside and ice fishing!! Keeps me so warm and very comfortable!"


Waterproof & Snowproof Heated Gloves

Original price was: $180.00.Current price is: $98.95.

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NO more frostbite, cold hands, or that uncomfortable feeling while out in the cold! Keep your hands warm and cozy while outside in the cold!

Why Brace Warrior Heated Gloves 2.0?

Having your hands exposed to the cold is UNCOMFORTABLE. Imagine keeping your hands cozy and warm while working outside, building a snowman , fishing, skiing, snowboard , or just having fun!

Heated Gloves 2.0:

Customer Reviews

I really like these, They warm up pretty fast and they get plenty hot. I don't have any problems using my phone (except texting, little too thick for accurate texting). Batteries last me long enough, unless I forget to turn them off.I loveee these for winter mornings and my car. 

So nice

Mom really likes em for taking care of the horses in winter. To be expected dexterity isn't ideal so they have to come off from time to time....but as she says "putting your hand back in the warm glove is Wonderful!". Only a month in but so far so good.

Fits like a warm glove

I bought these after randomly coming across a similar pair while perusing. Ended up going down the rabbit hole of comparable gloves and settled on these. Price and reviews were the first priorities, with next in line being something that I find trustworthy.

Awesome gloves for a spending a lot more time outdoors during the pandemic

From the start these were a great product--I opened the package to find everything neatly sitting in a zippered pouch. The batteries were pre-charged and ready to go! These were a gift to my 64 year-old father who gets very cold hands when using his snow blower

Amazing Warmth with well thought out controls and packaging

How to measure Your Gloves?

1 Set of Gloves

Retail $180

Now Only $ 98.95 (45% OFF)

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2 Sets of Gloves

Retail $360

Now Only $ 146.95(60% OFF)


Up to 8 hours! Most of our customers charge the battery about once a week. You can order extra and have multiple charged batteries on hand! Our batteries last 5-8 hours on low, 4-6 on medium and 3-4 on high

Shipping takes 5-12 business days to United States

No. This is not sold in stores.

Yes! Please remove the battery. You may wash them inside a linen bag inside your washing machine or by hand. We suggest hang drying them.

Waterproof & Snowproof Heated Gloves
Original price was: $180.00.Current price is: $98.95.