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Reflexology Foot Mat - Realign ~ Heal Your Body!



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An Absolute Must Have for Anyone Looking to Improve Your Body and Mind!?

Just 15 minutes a day can make a difference!


  1. Great for Plantar Fasciitis, Improving Balance and Alignment

  2. Eliminate Toxins:?The Reflexology Walk Stones helps to eliminate toxins in the human body and promote metabolism & blood circulation

  3. Strengthen Your Body and Mind:?The Foot Massaging Mat adjusts the function of entrails that relaxing the Nerve-Ache, Ease Tiredness of the muscle which strengthens the Immune system of the human body.

  4. Energy Booster:?Reflexology?can stimulate your being, invigorating?your body

  5. Convenient Anti-Slip Construction

  6. Portability:?Take your mat with you where ever you go!


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Reflexology Foot Mat - Realign ~ Heal Your Body!