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DocKnee Knee Strap

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Every day. your knees experience a lot of stress. Over time. this stress can take a toll on the muscles. ligaments. tendons. and bones that make up your knee joints. causing them to be susceptible to pain and injuries.

This versatile. lightweight knee stabilizer provides maximum support to your unstable patella (kneecap). Although it’s short. thin. and lightweight enough to be worn under clothes so you can maintain your day-to-day activities without interference. this patella brace protects against knee instability and pain. as well as further damage and injury.

These qualities and more make this support brace great for treating many knee conditions that cause patellar tracking issues and kneecap pain. including:

  • Patellar tracking disorder
  • Kneecap subluxation
  • Patellar dislocation
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome
  • Knee sprains
  • Patellar tendon injuries including runner’s knee. jumper’s knee.
  • Meniscus pain
  • Knee Pain
  • MCL and LCL injuries

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Why The Core Brace?

The Core Brace supports the patellar around the knee and absorbs shocks. It reduces pain associated with discomfort. patellar injuries. and wear and tear. The ergonomic-shaped sleeve profiles your kneecap. providing support and stability and decreasing pain while improving function. Premium material ensures that compression is uniform throughout and stays in place for any movement.

Adjustable to fit multiple sizes:

Adjustable to provide suitable tight compression to your knee. Two-stage adjustable design to fit different leg sizes. Dual-Strap Design offered flexibility to adjust the tightness.

How To Wear:


What can you benefit from wearing the Core Brace?

  • Slow knee disease progression
  • Improves mobility and function to engage in an exercise program
  • Provides calmness to the tissues which tolerate exercise versus when the tissues are irritable
  • Stabilized knee during exercise



Who Are The Core Braces Made For?

  • People with swelling to their knee
  • Load management on your knees
  • People that are actively moving



Signs You Could Benefit From The Core Brace

  • Do you feel like your knee is about to buckle or give away? If yes. it is a sign that your knee is unstable. The Core Brace helps with knee stabilization. 
  • Do you have frequent knee pain? If yes. it is a sign that your knee is inflamed. The Core Brace helps reduce inflammation.
  • Do you have swelling in your knee? If yes. it is a sign of injuries associated with overuse or trauma. The Core Brace helps with manageable irritable discomfort. 

Highlighted Features: 

Improve Stability: Patella dual strap is designed to boost the overall stability of the knee and improve patella tracking by applying pressure upper and below the kneecap or at the sides. 

Relieve Knee Pain: Adding moderate compression below the kneecap. Effectively support your sore knee caused by over-usage and or stiff muscle. 

Product Material: Uses unique perforated and porous Lycra fabric. With ventilating holes. it provides comfortable and breathable protection. 

I Don’t have Chronic discomfort. Is the Core Brace Still for Me?

Although knee braces have mostly been studied in people with chronic knee discomfort and people with persistent pain. the knee brace provides tremendous benefits for people with knee pain. swelling. muscle weakness. and impaired function of the leg. The Core Brace provides stability and manages the pain and associated swelling while addressing some mechanical issues on the knee.


When to Use Core Brace?

  • While walking or when doing physical activities
  • When you are on your feet out and about
  • We encourage users of the Core Brace not to wear the Core Brace more than necessary and to take it off while resting


More Dos and Don’ts for Using Knee Braces 

  • The knee brace shouldn’t be too loose or too snug. Watch for redness and chafing. It should be just enough snug enough that it’s going to stay in place
  • Keep brace clean. especially in hot weather – it is essential to clean knee braces routinely as the bacteria in sweat can cause skin irritation and even infection.
  • Don’t have anything between the brace and your skin – the brace should be worn against the skin and not over clothing.
  • More expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better – I have tried a compression sleeve – did not help. said a Core Brace user. I did feel relieved with the Core Brace. It feels comfortable and easy to adjust. 

Can Chronic Knee Disease Be Cured? 

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Health Service (NHS). there’s no cure for chronic knee ailments. However. some treatments can help slow it down. A knee brace can take the pressure off the part of your joint most affected by over-usage and help relieve pain. If your knee feels like it might buckle. a knee brace can also help. You stand and move around with confidence.

The Core Brace provides support to the soft tissues around the knee thereby helping alleviate pain. Wearing a Knee brace makes people feel more comfortable exercising. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). exercise and strengthening help treat symptoms of knee ailments.

How Does a Knee Brace Help Reduce Discomfort? 

The Core Brace provides support and stability to the knee while eliminating the discomfort associated with other knee braces.

DocKnee Knee Strap
Original price was: $59.90.Current price is: $29.95.