Brace Warrior Adjustable Compression Shoulder Brace

For Men & Women - Design for injured, aging, and weak shoulder (One Size Fits All)

Our shoulders are one of the most important parts of our bodies as they are almost always helping us perform our day-to-day tasks.

But with shoulder pain, it can become very limiting on the types of physical activities. As we get older we become more prone to severe shoulder conditions and injuries.

That’s why we design the Brace Warrior Adjustable Compression Shoulder Brace to help.

Adjustable, unisex, you can wear it on your left or right shoulder.

It’s Perfect for:

  • Arthritis
  • Bursitis 
  • Tendonitis 
  • Inflammation 
  • Instability 
  • Adhesive Capsulitis 
  • Shoulder Injury 

Wearing it and enjoy the benefits:

Why Brace Warrior Adjustable Compression Shoulder Brace?

Since most common causes for shoulder pain are rotator cuff injuries and arthritis. So wearing our compression shoulder brace could:

Why Brace Warrior?

Product Information:

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Size: 92cm x 33cm
  • Sex: Unisex

Customer Reviews

MY husband put the brace on the minute it came in the mail.

He had rotator cuff clean up a year ago and is still having significant pain.

He wore it ALL day and successfully completed tons of yardwork without extreme pain. He said his shoulder felt supported through it all and the brace just gave him the extra control and strength he needed.

Thanks for your design, AWESOME job!

"Great design"

I wore this for a while before reviewing to make sure it works for rotator cuff.

The shoulder brace fits well and offers enough compression and support. I had a shoulder injury and was experiencing radiating pain and weakness in the arm.

This brace helped immobilize the shoulder and stabilized it once I started doing the shoulder pulley exercises. They use good quality materials and offer great customer service.

"Good for rotator cuff support."

So I'm trying this on, adjusting this, tugging at that, wiggling about, and then it occurred to me that this is what a woman who is amply endowed with a huge pair of jiggly-wompers experiences while dressing. But instead of a brassier to hold up the goodies in their best possible appearance, this is utilized for holding the shoulder into place.

Once I had the brace in place it became a bit more comfortable and I can see how it can help to reduce range-of-motion and can help with the healing and rehabilitation. So I'd like to thank all our ladies for making this possible.

"Help with the healing and rehabilitation."

Even though my Dr. did not want me not to get a brace for what we first thought was a Rotator Cuff injury that turned out to be Tendonitis in my shoulder. The reason why is because we DON'T want the shoulder to freeze or lock up. Makes sense. I already had ordered this. The great news is, she wanted me to ICE MY SHOULDER OFF AND ON THROUGHOUT THE DAY. THIS BRACE WAS PERFECT!!!

There is even a pocket on the outside that allowed me to insert an ice pack into it!!

"I love this brace!"

How to Wear The Adjustable Compression Shoulder Brace?

  • Step 1: Connect strap to the buckle, put the brace on the left or right shoulder
  • Step 2:  Stick the hook and loop closure on your arm, make sure that it is in a comfortable and desirable position
  • Step 3: Cross the strap to the front of your chest and put it into the buckle
  • Step 4: Stick the hook and loop fastener, tighten and adjust the pressure pad to increase compression
 * You could insert an ice pack inside the shoulder brace.

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Please follow the instruction below:

◇1. Do not bleach.

◇2. Support hand wash.

◇3. Don’t use the washing machine for dehydration; hot water washing is not available.

◇4. Please wash after receiving and dry in the air, to reduce odors.

6 – 14 Working Days.

We will use both the warehouse located in the U.S and China to fulfill the orders, depending on the stocks.

It can be worn all day and during workouts and most forms of exercise.

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