Knee Swelling & Pain – How A Knee Compression Sleeve Can Help

Knee Swelling & Pain

What is knee swelling?

In general, when too much fluid collects in or around the knee joint, knee swelling occurs.

To investigate the cause of knee swelling, a doctor may extract knee joint fluid for testing to find out if it is an infection, disease, or injury.

So, why do knee swelling and pain occur?

Good question, there are many reasons for knee swelling, from injured to illness and many other stuffs can cause knee swelling.

The main reason: injury

Damage to any part of the knee may cause excessive fluid accumulation in the joint.

Injuries that can cause excessive fluid in or near the knee joint include:

  • Ligament tears, especially anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears
  • Cartilage (meniscus) tear
  • Irritation caused by overuse of the knees
  • Knee Fracture

If you do not seek medical attention in time, the diseases that may result are:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • infection
  • Bursitis, etc.

3 factors that could increase the risk of knee swelling:

Age: The risk of knee swelling associated with arthritis increases with age

Inappropriate Exercise: Doing sports that twists the knee will increase the risk of knee damage (which can cause knee swelling), such as basketball;

Obesity: Too much weight will increase the pressure on the knee joint, causing excessive load on the tissues and joints, and accelerate joint degeneration, which can lead to swelling of the knee.
Obesity also increases the risk of osteoarthritis, which is one of the causes of knee swelling.

3 tips to prevent knee swelling and pain:

1.Strengthen the muscles around the knee. The strong muscles around the knee could reduce the pressure on the knee.

2.Choose exercises that have little impact on the knees. Certain sports, such as underwater aerobics and swimming, do not put continuous weight-bearing pressure on the knees.

3.Maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight can increase the pressure on the knee and cause lacerations, which may cause swelling of the knee.

Recommended products

For people whose knee joints have been damaged and cannot maintain normal exercise, especially the seniors with weak knees, we strongly recommend the following products as strong support:


  • Increasing blood flow to your knee
  • Keep your knees warm while maintaining breathability and comfort
  • Keeping your knee joints safely moving with the silicone springs on both sides
  • Reduce swelling after physical activity
  • Good elasticity, full range of motion, and comfort during wear
  • Can be worn underneath clothing and invisible

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